Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wiley India - New release

9789350045978    DREAMWEAVER CS6 IN SIMPLE STEPS    299    KOGENT LEARNING SOLUTIONS INC.        SIMPLE STEPS        8/29/2013    DTECH    False        "·    An all-inclusive book to teach you everything about Dreamweaver CS6
·    Easy, Effective, and Reliable
·    Quick and Easy learning in Simple Steps
·    Most preferred choice worldwide for learning Dreamweaver CS6.
·    The new and enhanced features of Dreamweaver CS6.
·    Basic concepts of Dreamweaver CS6, such as User Interface, launch process of the Dreamweaver CS6 application, and creation of a website.
·    Various elements of a website, such as text, images, or multimedia objects.
·    The HTML concept through a detailed and separate chapter.
·    The process to create and work with frames and forms that helps in displaying different HTML files on a single Web page.
9788126541829    ENGINEERING GEOLOGY    499    A. PARTHASARATHY, V. PANCHAPAKESAN, R. NAGARAJAN    532    WIND        9/3/2013    IND-W    False        "·    Student-friendly format having detailed illustrations, figures, tables and case studies.
·    Learning Objectives provide quick review of the concepts discussed.
·    Specific contributions on glaciological studies and geothermal energy resources and their possible applications in India.
·    Contribution on Geology of India and state-wise Geology adds value to the requirements of field Geologists and practicing engineers.
·    Visually enriched with close to 140 figures.
9788126544011    AUTOCAD 2014 AND AUTOCAD LT 2014: NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED    699    DONNIE GLADFELTER    1104    SYBEX    COMPUTERS/CAD-CAM    9/3/2013    WTECH    False    "This book is for AutoCAD novices, students, teachers (instructor materials will be available) who want to learn the product's essential functions by designing a summer cabin. It will give readers the skills needed to work in AutoCAD immediately and prepare them to delve into the more advanced topics and projects covered in such books as Mastering AutoCAD and AutoCAD
"    "•    This is the only book that teaches AutoCAD using a continuous tutorial and readers can follow the tutorial sequentially or jump in at any chapter by downloading the project files from the Wiley web site.
•    The short discussions and direct tutorial style allow instant gratification and is ideal for the novice.
•    New commands and capabilities are reinforced so that readers become familiar with AutoCAD's features and gain confidence in their rising skill level.
•    AutoCAD: NER covers both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT which have a combined installed base of more than 7 million users.
•    NER's author is an accomplished AutoCAD pro with extremely high visibility and marketing capabilities
9788126543625    MICROSOFT OFFICE 2013 BIBLE    699    LISA A. BUCKI, JOHN WALKENBACH, FAITHE WEMPEN, MICHAEL ALEXANDER, DICK KUSLEIKA    1508    BIBLE    COMPUTERS/ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS/GENERAL    9/3/2013    WTECH    False    "Any Office user who needs to do more than create a simple text document, spreadsheet or brief presentation and needs to understand how to most effectively use several Office applications. Many Office users who haven't purchased books for several versions should need new books again this version
"    "•    Combines content from best-selling Excel Bible and Access Bible along with the content from the Word and PowerPoint Bibles to create an Office Bible that is the best of the Office suite
•    Even the most experienced users will be looking for a thorough book to help them through the changes

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