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Ahome provides for comfort and security; however, that's not all. Today, the new age buyer desires a better standard of living. Besides being functionally and aesthetically attractive, the home should have a luxury quotient like imposing architecture, recreation facilities, green landscape and most importantly, it should be a smart home. Luxury means leading a life of comfort, happiness and pride. 

    Listed below are ten aspects that a luxury home should essentially have. 

SMART HOMES Luxury homes should have excellent, smart, home technology. After all, who wouldn't love the idea of walking into a home in which the lights switch on as soon as one steps in. From automatic blinds, hidden media devices, lighting, climate control, security and surveillance functions like bio-metric locks, integrated burglar alarms, to electronic surveillance and more, a luxury home can get it all. 

GREEN LIVING A luxurious home ideally should blend elements of nature and
modern amenities and create an inviting living space. So, green living, incorporated in a stylish lifestyle, is the new age mantra. A home should have solar panels for energy. Windows and skylights should also be located at planned points, as they provide the house with adequate sunlight and ventilation. Also, a must-have is a water harvesting and water recycling plant. Energy efficient windows and doors, betterinsulated wall assemblies, energy star appliances and high efficiency AC systems, are essential, along with occupancy sensors, which automatically switch off the lights if the rooms are unoccupied. 

FITNESS FACILITIES A luxury home owner now expects his home to provide complete health and wellness amenities. Exercise rooms, mediation, yoga room or gymnasium, is indeed a luxury in most Mumbai homes today. A swimming pool is also a muchneeded addition to a home, as it adds
to the relaxing feeling after a long and busy day. 

LUXURY IN THE KITCHEN The kitchen is the heart of the home; the choice of appliances is an important part of a luxe kitchen. It should include expensive stone or steel bedecked islands, high-end finishes, a touch-screen microwave, high-tech refrigerator, an expresso coffee machine, designer kitchen
utensils, easy-to-clean finishes like high gloss lacquer and soft closing cabinets and designer hardware.

GLAMOROUS BATHROOM A glamorous bathroom is a must-have to ensure a luxury bathing experience. A little planning can make a lot of difference in the way one de-stresses at home.
Relaxing Jacuzzis, multiple sprays shower panels, bath mixers and most importantly, a huge bath tub with a whirlpool massage, are great
accessories to indulge in, for a soothing spa experience. A bathroom should have luxe materials that spell elegance, such as a mother of pearl inlay work on the counter top or gold plated trimmings in finishings. 
GARDEN A green patch, be it on a terrace or a lawn, is much-desired in urban homes today. Lush greenery purifies the air and plants are helpful in creating a peaceful, restful ambiance. A jogging track and well-landscaped Zen style garden, a water fountain and play area for kids, are the amenities that an owner should have in his luxe home. 

ENTERTAINMENT ZONE Private home theaters have become more and more popular today. Home theatres typically include large reclining seats, so that film viewing is enjoyed in a comfortable
    environment. These rooms
include TVs, DVD players, in addition to satellite systems and video game equipment for larger-than-life entertainment experiences. Most homes have separate entertainment areas with a home theater and a comfortable seating arrangement. 

WALK-IN CLOSETS Owning a sprawling house or a high-end apartment alone, doesn't constitute

    luxurious living. A spacious home must have a well-organised walk-in closet too. Such a closet enables the user to walk in and dress up with ease, as it has specifically designed shelves, such as separate areas for clothes, shoes, accessories and a huge mirror. 

ELEGANT DÉCOR With the increasing awareness for different design styles and the rise in purchasing power, international décor styles are in vogue. Trends include pastel shades, uncluttered spaces and soft mood lighting. Furniture has been transformed into a piece of art, which adds elegance, whether it is a sofa, a loveseat, a chair or a couch. Inject grandeur in the bedroom with a four poster bed. Stick to luxurious fabrics such as velvet, brocade and satin. Typically rich fabrics have textures that you can see as well as feel. Deep bold colours in silks and velvets, will add a luxurious touch to a room. 

TREASURED ARTEFACTS A classy personal touch enhances a home's interior but speaks volumes about one's personality. Let your treasured antiques be displayed alongside handpicked knick-knacks from around the world, in your abode. Add a personal touch to your home with heirloom pieces, which are always a part of uber rich homes; display your antique silverware, silk, crystal and delicate ceramic pieces and carpets. A luxurious home should be a royal haven. Gold and silver colours have always been synonymous with precious, rich, refined and sumptuous luxury environments.
    A luxurious home is a sanctuary that is welcoming, comforting and tranquil for those who can afford living in style! 
FAST FACT With the increasing awareness for different design styles and the rise in purchasing power, international décor styles are in vogue

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