Monday, October 25, 2010

Original Photo Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj - Great Maratha King James Laine's Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic MP3


  1. WOW,it is a very nice. i like it

  2. He is the Great Warrior never i seen before him & after him, He is my Guru & he Is my GOD for all time. If i do something like him it's too nice. That time i thought Raja some where he look at me & tell me to do that thing. JAi Bhavani Jai Shivaji.

  3. I'm just quoting, "During the 22 years that took to build Taj Mahal, three times there was severe draught and hundreds of thousands of people died. But Shahjahan focused all the money and efforts on building a tomb for his wife."
    Please note, it's Tejo Mahalaya and was built 200 years before the era of Shahjahan. It's built by a Hindu King. Yawans (Muslims) were dacoits and they arrived in India for loots and not construction. You may dig the fact or can read out several books proving the fact.

    Nevertheless, you've thrown a very nice article on Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj !!!

  4. Thanks for your opinions on Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India. I liked your opinions. I read book reviews on different sites, I find your review very genuine and orignal.

  5. sarifaji is the brother of sahaji and uncle of shivaji
    hi is son of maloji not vithoji
    if u dont mind plz

  6. Respected Mr.Sachin Kadam,

    Very nice article & very best efforts you have taken for all above History.
    Really very nice effort to bring all information under one place... i would be grateful if you update & promote all these in front of this world.

    We are always with you; for any Help realated to Hindu Janjagruti Please feel free to contact me on below numbers. Thank you so much.


    Jagdish Patil
    Cell: 9028002037 & 9370029237.

  7. for a good reason i want to knw the name of the painters of all these painting. please any one know can contact mi
    yogesh phulphagar

  8. बस करा आता शिवाजी राजे ची बदनामी

    1. Khup Sundar mahiti aahe.. Hyat badnami kay aahe?

  9. shivaji amucha raja ase
    himmat konachi nav tayache kadhe
    are lakh ubhe thakle jari
    dat ghashat ghalvu tayache
    muthbhar jari amhi are muthbhar jari amhi
    thikrya udavi karodonchya rai rai evdhya
    nase ha fukacha rob nase ha fukacha rob
    ase itihas sakshi yala
    mhanun mhanto nav amuche kadhu naka jhoplela vagh jagvu naka

  10. Tudumba bharle nadya - naale,
    Pan tyanna sar sagarachi yeil kay?
    Anek jari zhale Raaje - Maharaaje,
    Pan SHIVBA sarkha hoel kay?

    - Ek Shiv-bhakta..
    Jay Bhavani,
    Jay Shivrai...

  11. What you have done is increadible....
    Keep it Up !!!

  12. wow yar!!!!!!!!!!!!its superb.......means unbelevable.feeling proud being an maharashtrian

  13. Shivaji Maharaj was great warrier n he is inspier person for me......

    Pravin Kadam

  14. Shivaji Maharaj was great man. He is an example of bravery for us. He was real hero of India we never forget The great Maratta King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Your Article is very nice with complete guide Thanks please keep share useful knowledge with us..Thanks Regarding
    Rajasthan Tourism


  15. Shivraj Maharastrat jalmas ale ......he amuche thor bhagya.......
    Asa Yugpurush parat jalmas .........keval ashakkya..................
    Garv ahe mala.............hya Swarajyacha.......hya Marathi maticha.......
    Jai Maharastra......Jai Hind.........

  16. Beautiful and very informative blog pl check my historical novel on Shivaji Aurangzeb conflict

  17. Shivaji is the greatest personality in our history.

  18. Chatrapati shivaji raje bhosle yanna manacha mujta

  19. Chatrapati Shivaji is not hindu king!!!! Don't call him as a Hindu ruler or Hindawi Swarajya Sansthapak, this Hindu word was not used by him. Hindu word was discovered afterwords. He was truly "Bahujan Pratipalak".


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