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Rashichakra sharad upadhye bhakti sagar kundali MahaLakshmi stotras contact upadhyay website

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Rashichakrakar Sharad Upadhye - Bhakti Sagar

आखाडा का बखेडा? : शरद उपाध्ये - Rashichakra Sharad Upadhye

मंगलमूर्ते दयाळा...शरद उपाध्ये

मी वाचक- शरद उपाध्ये

'राशीचक्र'कार आता नाटककार व कथाकारही

सज्ञान मानवा, विज्ञान हे तुझे अज्ञान होऊ देऊ नको !


If anybody is talking about the future, it obviously develops a lot of interest among majority of the people. The topic of lucky stones suited to your Zodiac sign is another area that invites the attention of all those who are looking for quick results. Mr. Sharad Upadhye well-known for his detailed study into these two areas, is today an authority to debate on the doubts arising out of several related issues . After successfully managing his own programmes on stage and TV, he is now invited as a special guest to clear all your qualms relevant to these issues.

‘Bhavishyavar Bolu kahi’ a new programme on Mi Marathi channel, hosted by charming Sampada Kulkarni , is based on the doubts expressed by many viewers through their questions posted via e-mail. Sampada carries the public opinion and questions the expert guest Mr. Sharad Upadhye; who with his easy way of convincing clears all such doubts with his expertise. Watching the rising popularity of this programme on Mi Marathi, MMW paid a visit to their studio at Kurla and watched Mr. Upadhye being grilled with the questions posed by Sampada. But, the cool and composed expert appeared more than happy to answer all the questions by giving appropriate examples.

Speaking to MMW during the break, Mr. Upadhye suggested that for him every episode turns out to be more and more challenging as the host- Sampada, who is gaining more and more knowledge with the progress of every episode is coming up with interesting but tricky questions. “ It’s not that we do not prepare with our script, but many a times some of the explanations come spontaneously, arising out of the debate. And, that is the real fun about this programme.” he said. Talking about the success of lucky stone suited to an individual’s Zodiac sign, the expert was frank enough to state that not many can afford to buy these stones, which are so costly these days. And, even if someone is using them, all that they need to do is to observe purity in mind with devotion to God and at the same time possess good quality thoughts. Simply using a lucky stone with negative approach, is not going to work,” he concluded before leaving for his next shot.

Sampada Kulkarni the programme host, who is doing her Ph.D, seemed to be more enthusiastic about the conduct of this programme. Speaking about her personal experience, she said, “Though , this is not my subject for acquiring doctorate, I am very much fascinated about this subject. You get to learn so many things everyday. I take it as a process of learning, though I am acting as a coordinator between the viewers and the Guest. I like the way Sir responds to my doubts so spontaneously. Many a times, the discussion goes on without a cut. Watching me in this role, some of my co-stars now a days catch hold of me for sharing knowledge on this subject, while I am shooting elsewhere. That’s the biggest compliment.”

Young Rohit Salvi, who is directing this TV programme, said that they are trying to create awareness among the viewers by picking up different topics. “Our special guest Mr. Upadhye gives minute details with his humour filled approach while answering every question”. Executive Producer Anuja Sobale who is conducting this curiosity based programme, suggests the viewers to be more active through their participation by way of mailing their topics of interest with questions. Do write to us on to get all your doubts cleared,” she appeals. “ Bhavishyavar Bolu Kahi’ is a 30 mins programme is telecast everyday at 7.30am, 5.30 pm and 10 pm.


Shree Gurudevdatt :

Dr. Sharad Upadhye, the man who is making culturally strong India by his behavior and pure character. He teaches us how to understand other person, how we can tolerate other person by understanding his behavior which he plays because of his Rashee.
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It has all the ingredients of a flop show. Two podiums with mikes, a table lamp on a table covered with a simple tablecloth and an old man chattering away on a dry subject for three hours.

But Sharad Upadhyay’s `Rashichakra’ in which he analyses the characteristics of people based on their stars, is what dream success is all about. The one-man Marathi show, sans any grand set has been staged for over 10 years now and this week completed its show number 1,702 at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium in Vashi. Despite heavy showers and it being a weekday, the auditorium was jam packed for a 4 pm show by patrons who came for a hearty laugh and they were not disappointed.

During his three hour show, Updhayay starts of with analysing the symbol of each of the twelve sun signs, showing pictures of celebrities and politicians who have the same sign and then goes on to reveal the characteristics of people of those signs. His humorous analysis predominantly cites the relationships husband and wife and lovers. He also compares the different reactions of people of different signs under similar situations.

New Bombay Plus caught up with Upadhayay, who revealed that he was a serious astrologer who had conducted astrology classes and provided consultation for over 25 years. “It is by default that I am on stage. A friend who had attended my classes suggested that I do stage shows. I thought he was joking since I had no acting experience but upon his insistence I decided to do my first show in Nasik on February 23rd, 1993, so that no one in Mumbai would find out. But the response from the very first show has been so tremendous that there was no stopping and I have just gone on and on.”

Upadhyay has done around 30 shows in Navi Mumbai. “I have been lucky to have such audiences for all my shows whether in Navi Mumbai or elsewhere. They are mostly educated audience who understand my chatter! It gives immense pleasure when I see a wife nudging her husband confirming to him what I am saying about his sun sign. I consider this my subject’s success, not mine.” On the accuracy of his analysis and his light-hearted interpretation, Upadhayay candidly confesses that what he says on stage is only to create humour and entertain the people. “I make it very clear in the very

 beginning itself. There are over 10 to 15 crore people who have the same sign, how can they all have same characteristics. Its like saying that all Maharastrians are in service and all Gujaratis are businessmen. For those who want to get serious information they should come to me for consultation. It’s only entertainment here. Astrology has unnecessarily been made very dry by the astrologers,” he points out.
Recalling a touching experience, Upadhyay discloses, “Once during a show in Thane, when I was speaking on Dhanu Rashi, an elderly gentleman who was having a hearty laugh suffered a stroke and died. Later his widow came to me and said, everyone has to die some day, I am glad my husband passed away laughing. He was of Dhanu Rashi and was loving everything you said about its people. It was very touching.”

In his message to the patrons, Updhyay address said, “Astrology is a vague science. There is no need to be very serious about it. There is talk of making it a university subject, which is ridiculous. Where will they get the lecturers? Every astrologer has his own theory. Though I am myself an astrologer I am against it. It requires very deep study to comment on astrological aspects. The celestial bodies are not greater than God, their creator. Pray to God and your problems will be solved.”

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Rashichakrakar Sharad Upadhye - Bhakti Sagar

आखाडा का बखेडा? : शरद उपाध्ये - Rashichakra Sharad Upadhye

मंगलमूर्ते दयाळा...शरद उपाध्ये

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images of laxmi mata lord laxmi birthdate 25-11-2010 give me a suitable name www.bhakti

This is one of the most popular MahaLakshmi stotras.

Namstestu mahamaye shripithe surapujite
Sankhachakra gada haste mahalakshmi namostu te ..1

Namaste garudarudhe dolasura bhayankari
Sarva papahare devi mahalakshmi namostu te ..2

Sarvajne sarvavarade sarvadushtabhayankari
Sarvadukha hare devi mahalakshmi namostu te ..3

Sidhi budhi prade devi bhukti mukti pradayini
Mantramurte sada devi mahalakshmi namostu te ..4

Adyantarahite devi adishakti maheswari
Yogagye yogasambhute mahalakshmi namostu te ..5

Stula Sukshma maharoudre mahashakti mahodare
Maha papahare devi mahalakshmi namostu te ..6

Padmasana sthite devi parabhrahma swarupini
Paramesi janmata rmahalakshmi namostu te ..7

Swetambara dhare devi nanalamkara bhushite
Janthsthite janmata rmahalakshmi ramostu te ..8

Mahalakshmyashtakam stotram yah pathetbaktimannarah
Sarvasidhi mavapnoti rajyam prapnoti sarvada ..9

Ekakale pathennityam mahapapa vinashanam
Dwikalam yah pathennityam dhanadhanya samanvitah ..10

Trikalam yah pathennityam mahasatru vinashanam
mahalakshmibhavennityam prasanna varada subha ..11

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जगाचा खरा इतिहास वाचायचा असेल तर इथे जा 

आंतरराष्ट्रीय वैदिक तीर्थस्थळ काबा 
दिवाळीच्या फराळाच्या रेसिपी मराठीत

पुरुषाच्या छातीवरून तुम्ही त्याचे भाग्य ओळखू शकता 

मराठी विनोद  

आचार्य अत्रे यांचे निवडक विनोद  

आपका फेवरीट रंग आपका व्यक्तित्व बताता है 

क्या आप मांगलिक है? 

नवा फोन कशाला, ह्या युक्ती वापरा आणि पैसे वाचवा 

माथे की लकीरों से तय होती है मौत की तारीख, जानिए कैसे

मारुतीची स्तोत्रे आणि शक्ती 


  1. i am very thankful 4 converting the slokas in english so i can pronounce the words. thanks once again.

  2. mi usha lalchand devkar ahe
    mazi birth date 20-5-1974 ahe
    mala tumchi appointment pahize ahe tar pls mala
    margdarshan kara

    pls help me.


  4. M Dipali palkar mazi birth date 10-3-1978 ahe. mala lagna yog ahe ki nahi? ani ahe tar lagna kadhi honar. satat adathale ka yetat? tyavar kahi upay asel tar plz sanga. Dhanyawad

  5. mi shreyans mi job kart ahe mazi birth date 17-07-1989. atta mala khup trass hotay. manala shanti milat nahi.choti choti goshti var cid cid hotay.
    tari hyavar mala kahitari upay sanga..

  6. shailesh mazi birth date 09-09-1982.job tikat nahi manala shanti milat nahi lagna hi jamat nahi sthal nit yet nahi krupa karun upay sanga

  7. Me Sachin P utpat, Janmtarikh 28/6/82 asun, maze lagna zale ahe, job pan ahe, parantu changla nahi, pramotion hot nahi, khup trass ahe ajun kithe hi interview nahi, khup uccha stravar olakh asunhi kam hot nahi. me depress hot chalalo ahe.

  8. Maza Mulga 6 years aahe. tyachi birth date 3.12.2005 aahe. study madhe laksha nahi. tasech tyala varnvar cold & Cough cha thoda tras astoch. jevnachya babtit dekhil thoda kantala karto. please thoda study madhe tasech jevna madhe kase lakshya lagel tya babtit thoda guide karal ka.

    1. Khupaya karun ashya prolems sathi me guide karin tumhala jamla tar vishwas thev contact karave.

  9. Namaskar sir,
    Mi tumchi fan aahe.Tumche save episode me bhakitale aahet .
    Mi tumche Antaralaun antarangakade,Rashi chakra,oustak vachale aahe.Ani tumche doni natak sudha pahile aahe.
    Mala Astrology shiknat interest aahe Pls give mala tumcha class cha address kalel ka??

  10. Namskar Sir
    maz nav sumit dube he aahe Mazi birthdate 15 Dec 1988 aahe janma 12:45 ratri aasa ahe mi aata navin job join kerat aahe sanganak shetrat aahe ...
    tari mala pardeshagman karayche aahe aani lagna babtit thodas sanga
    tyabarobar kay karayla pahije mi he pan mala sanga

  11. sir me thumala bhetu shakato ka - jalinder deshmukh
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  12. Namskar Sir
    Maz Nav Dipali Dattatray Divate (Gauri) aahe me aata State Bank Of India (SBI) chya Clerk Exam la basle aahe ,mazi exam 27.05.2012roji aahe, Mazi Date Of Birth 10.05.1984 aahe Va Janma Vel Ratri 1.18 minit aahe, Mazi ras LEO aahe tari krupya mala ya exam madhe yash milel kay he sangane
    Plz give me advice on my email id -

  13. sir
    me khupach tension madhye ahe .
    me tumcha show regulary baghte . Ani mala pan thoda thoda astrology samjahtey .
    mala ek mulga awadto A.G d.o.b 11 / 4 /1979 .. time is 7.25 pm
    ani majhi d.o.b. 23/ 05/ 1984 time is 1:30 pm
    amchi patrika julat nahi , pan mala to khup awadto ..
    nadi dosh ahe .. krupa karun kahi upaay asel tar sanga .
    jar chotya mothya problems astil tar thik ahe ,,,

    pls tell me some solution plsss on ,

    i am eagerly waiting for positive response from u


  14. Sir
    i want your suggestion on starting a new business in nagpur so i want u too tell me it is right decision of me or not.

    My DOB 30/10/1974
    My Birth Time 5.15 pm
    My Birth Place Bopapur (Dist Wardha)

    my id

    Prashant Kashettiwar

  15. Hello sir I am Kavita from Chakan, My DOB 9/5/1989 Time 12.5min pm Tue.
    Mala Lagn jamnyat khup problem yetat. Maji Kundali khup brahmnana dakhavali tar koni Mangal ahe tar koni Kalsarp ahe ase mantat. Tar plz sir tumhi sanga ki maj lagn kadhi hoil to mulaga kasa asel, tyache shikasahn kiti asel. Sir plz help me, maj lagn tharat nahi manun majyshi koni nit bolat nahi, an vishvas tar koni thevatch nahi me kay karu hech mala kalat nahi, manachi khup koni jaliy. me fakt SHRIGURU maj changal karatil ya aashevarch gele kahi divas jagat ahe. Plz sir help me I am waiting. Thank u.

  16. Sir,

    I Am very tense for my future & I wish you could help like Vishnu Bhagwan.
    I need you r help Please...
    Name Sameer Andnd Jadhav
    DOB- 07.07.1989
    Time - 5.30 Am ( not so sure I born in Home early morning as perents )
    Brth Place - Mumbai Santacruz (E) Vakola
    Contact no. 9619111621

    Please sir Help Me

  17. mandar mazi birth date 14/04/1984 mala nit job milat nahiye mi ata eka company nit job kartoy pan mi ya peksh chagala job hava ahe pan to mala nahiye khup prayatan kartoy pan yash yet nahi krupaya kahi tari upay sagava

  18. hello sir...i m pratibha kalunge. tumachya baddle me kup kahi eakate. tumacha show hota mulund kalidas pan mala yeta nahi madhye ekada tumhala bhetayeche ahe. tumhi adhyamic goshti kup sangata & i aslo trust on ganpati & mahalaxmi aai. i request to you, i want to meet you once in life. please sir......i m waiting...

  19. Dear Sir,

    My name is Sumeet Bheke. I m also reading ur book Bhakti Sagar. Also going to Narsoba Wadi every year. I just want to meet u for personal guidance. Please i m wating for ur reply my mail id is Thanks in advance.

  20. Mi Dimpal mi job kart ahe.
    mala ek mulga awadto tachi d.o.b 19/05/1986 .. time is 05.30 am
    ani majhi d.o.b.08/09/1988 time is 05.05 pm
    amchi patrika julat nahi , pan mala to khup awadto ..
    krupa karun kahi upaay asel tar sanga .
    jar chotya mothya problems astil tar thik ahe ,,, atta mala khup trass hotay. manala shanti milat nahi.choti choti goshti var cid cid hotay.
    tari hyavar mala kahitari upay sanga..
    me khupach tension madhye ahe . majhya garache ho mhanatat pan tachya garache nahi mhanatat,,,upay sanga,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Please I m wating for ur reply my mail id is,,,

  21. Hello Sir ,
    Me Padmaja ,Mazi Birth Date 29 Aug 1976 Time 11.30 PM
    Birth place Pune
    Email id
    Maze ayushya khupach dukhi ahe.maze lagna ani ghar
    tasech job education yamadhe khup tras bhogave laglet
    maza struggle sampatach nahiye.
    Please mala Madat kara.
    Maze lagna ani ghar kadhi honar?
    Awaiting for your reply


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  23. Hello sir,
    i respect about u lot.. mala mazya future baddal thodi mahitee hawi name is sumeet n DOB is 08.11.1983 time is 13:15hrs . mala sadhya khup adchani yet ahet about my marriage . mala tumche madat hawi ahe . maza mail id ahe

  24. Hello sir,

    Me shubhangi, me tumhala contact karnyasathi khup prayatna kele. Tumchya rashichakra pustaka mage dilelya no. var pan call kela, pan toh no chuchikcha aahe. Pls me ani majya eka maitrinila tumchyashi amchy bavishyavar discuss karaychay mhanun tumcha no/ address kahitari najya emial id var reply kara. Tumchya reply cha athurtene vat pahin.

  25. mazi janm tarik 04-01-1971 -16.35pm mi vayda bajar madhe vyavhar karu shkel ka

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. good morning sir, me tumche show bghte ani mhnunach mala asa watata k tumhi mazya problemcha sollution dyal. me geli 6 varsha eka mulavr prem krte ani toh hi mazyavr tevadhach prem krto. aamhala 2014 madhe lagna hi karaycha ahe pn mazya ghari love marriage allow nhiye mhnun mala samajat nhiye k me kay kru te. ani aamchya patriket fakta 13 ch goon julat ahe. mazya patriket strong mangal ahe ani tyachya patriket soft mangal ahe. mala tumchi help havi ahe. ani mala samajt nhiye k me mazya ghari sarvanna kasa convince kru te.. mazi DOB-20/12/1988 time-12:30a.m. ani tyachi DOB-18/11/1988 ani janma wel tumhi mala pls mazya email id vr rply pls me tumchya rply cha wait krt ahe. thnk you.

  28. Mahalakshmi Ashtakam: Namastestu Mahamaye -

  29. Hallo Sir,
    maza e mail id aahe
    maza D O B 13/3/1982 at 2.52 AM
    mi sadya khup tention mdhe ahae mazhe majhashi sagle dur zhale aahet ka te malamahit nahi ani jivnat mi khup stragal karat aahe mi aatha khup nirsh zali aahe tar mala tumi mazya bhavishyaver kahi tari thodi mahiti dya please sir, mala madat kara.

  30. Hello sir, maza nav hardik bhushan nagarkar frm ahmedabad, D.O.B 28/04/1985, 7:28 AM, kark , and pushya, so i want to know maza lagna la kay adchan ahe and keva teche yog yetil , i will be very thankfull to u......

  31. Namaskar sir mala jyotisha shastra shiknyachi ichha ahe tevha tumhi thode margadarshan karave
    Tumhi ata shikvat nahi ase kalale
    Tumhi shikavnar asal tar tase jahir karave hi vinanti
    Lobh asava

  32. Sir me amruta mhadye majya nandela bhetaych ahe me dombivli ete rahche tumcha address with contact details hvi hoti send this email id

  33. Sir me amruta mhadye majya nandela bhetaych ahe me dombivli ete rahche tumcha address with contact details hvi hoti send this email id

  34. Namskar sir,me prajakta godbole sir mhla mazi kundali janun ghaychi ahe mhla tuhmcha email id ani contact no havi ahe please sir mhla tuhmcha email id send kra mazya id vrti email id

  35. Ris/Sir,
    sharad Upadhye Ji

    My Name is Bipin N. Bhogekar from Chandrapur , I want to develope a detail kundali of up coming child from in the hands of you. so, kindly know the process for that . How I may contact to you.

    Bipin N. Bhogekar

  36. Ris/Sir,
    sharad Upadhye Ji

    My Name is Bipin N. Bhogekar from Chandrapur , I want to develope a detail kundali of up coming child from in the hands of you. so, kindly know the process for that . How I may contact to you.

    Bipin N. Bhogekar

  37. Namsakar sir,
    Mi jayshri madane...sir maza janam moo nakshara madhil ahe.ani mazya lahan pani vidhivat sarva shanti keleya ahe.tari pan mazya life madhe khup problems ahet...mazya lagna julat nahi ahe...ani carrier madhe pan pragti ani sthirta nahi.
    Sir mala tumhala personaly bhetaych ahe please mala tumchi oppointment hvi ahe.tumcha contact no,email id or office address je kahi asel te mala .please send kara .
    Maza email id ahe.jayshrim27@
    Sir.please lavkrat lavkar mala contact send kara mi khup adchanit ahe.
    Please sir

    1. Tumhala kahi call ala ka? Appointment milali ka sharad siranchi..

  38. Sir Majhe family problem aahe tumchi appoinment havi aahe ti kashi milu shakte


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