Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I’m looking for an external hard drive within a budget of 12,000.

I’m looking for an external hard drive within a budget of 12,000. Could you please inform me of what I should be looking for, and also suggest a few models?

    External hard drives are of two types: portable and desktop. Regardless of whichever you decide upon, make sure it supports USB 3.0. Portable models are smaller in size. If you decide on this type, opt for one with rugged, shock-proof protection. Desktop models, while bulky, are faster performers, and you can also get higher storage capacities. Here, opt for a drive that comes with a network (Ethernet), as well as an extra USB port. The network port will allow you to connect the drive to your home network via your router. The additional USB port will allow you to connect pen drives, whenever required. Opt for hard drives that come with good software: automated back-up and some sort of digital encryption for data security. 

THAT SAID, HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS… FOR CAPACITY: The Seagate Backup Plus Desktop 3TB ( 11,750) supports USB 3.0 connectivity and includes backup software that can not only back up your entire system, but can also be used to make a copy of the media posted on your social network sites.  

FOR NETWORKED STORAGE: Here, consider the Seagate Central Shared Storage 2TB Wireless Network ( 12,560). This model cannot be connected directly to a computer via USB. It is meant to be accessed over a network via a cable (RJ45) or wirelessly. Seagate’s mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone can also be used to access its contents. A USB port on the hard drive lets you connect flash drives as well.

FOR PORTABILITY: The Transcend StoreJet 25H3P ( 5,300) or the Adata DashDrive HD710 ( 5,800) offer 1TB portable storage in a toughened shell to withstand the rigours of rough use. Both support USB 3.0 and include backup software. While the Transcend StoreJet sports a dedicated one-touch back-up button, the Adata DashDrive boasts a military-grade waterproof exterior. If you need more storage space, you can pick up the 2TB WD My Passport ( 9,300). Unlike the StoreJet and DashDrive, the Passport is not a rugged hard drive. 

BEST VALUE: The WD My Book Essential 3TB ( 9,950) offers value for money if storage capacity is of utmost importance. It must be noted that it uses a slower 5,400rpm hard drive compared to the 7,200rpm drive in the Seagate Backup Plus Desktop. This shouldn’t be of great concern if backups and hard drive access are going to be infrequent.

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