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Applied Hydrodynamics An Introduction By Hubert Chanson

Applied Hydrodynamics An Introduction By Hubert Chanson


  • Covers a wide range of applications
  • Using new and modern techniques & equipment
  • Provides many examples, exercises and solutions
  • Supportive software available
This textbook treats Hydro- and Fluid Dynamics, the engineering science dealing with forces and energies generated by fluids in motion, playing a vital role in everyday life. Practical examples include the flow motion in the kitchen sink, the exhaust fan above the stove, and the air conditioning system in our home. When driving a car, the air flow around the vehicle body induces some drag which increases with the square of the car speed and contributes to excess fuel consumption. Engineering applications encompass fluid transport in pipes and canals, energy generation, environmental processes and transportation (cars, ships, aircrafts). 
This book deals with the topic of applied hydrodynamics. The lecture material is grouped into two complementary sections: ideal fluid flow and real fluid flow. The former deals with two- and possibly three-dimensional fluid motions that are not subject to boundary friction effects, while the latter considers the flow regions affected by boundary friction and turbulent shear. The lecture material is designed as an intermediate course in fluid dynamics for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in Civil, Environmental, Hydraulic and Mechanical Engineering. It is supported by notes, applications, remarks and discussions in each chapter. Moreover a series of appendices is added, while some major homework assignments are developed at the end of the book, before the bibliographic references.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction & Fundamental Equations 
Part I - Irrotational Flow Motion of Ideal FluidI-1 - Introduction to Ideal Fluid Flows
I-2 - Ideal Fluid Flows and Irrotational Flow Motion
I-3 - Two-Dimensional Flows (1) Basic equations and flow analogies 
I-4 - Two-Dimensional Flows (2) Basic flow patterns 
I-5 - Complex potential, velocity potential & Joukowski transformation 
I-6- Joukowski transformation, theorem of Kutta-Joukowski and lift force on airfoil 
I-7 - Theorem of Schwarz-Christoffel, free streamlines and applications 
Part II - Real Fluid Flows : Theory and ApplicationsII-1 Introduction 
II-2 An Introduction to Turbulance 
II-3 Boundary Layer Theory. Application to Laminar Boundary Layer Flows
II-4 Turbulent Boundary Layers
AppendicesAppendix A: Glossary - Electronic Material
Appendix B: Constants and Fluid Properties
Appendix C: Unit Conversions - Electronic Material
Appendix D: Mathematics - Electronic Material
Appendix E: The Software 2D Flow _ Electronic Downlaod of Demonstration Version (Electronic Material)
Appendix F: Digital Video Movies + Electronic Donwload/Electronic Material (e.g. Video Streaming)
Status: Available
Publisher:  CRC Press
ISBN  HB:  9781138000933
Pages:  448 Page
Price:  £ 57.99
Publication Year:  2014

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