Saturday, October 5, 2013

RN PODAR SCHOOL Jain Derasar Road, Santacruz (West)


Jain Derasar Road, Santacruz (West) 


HISTORY: While the Podar group has been in the field since 1927, RN Podar School was set up in 1998. The first batch of Class 10 and 12 students graduated in 2003-04..

UNIQUE FEATURES: Technology giants such as Google and Khan Academy selected the school to premier their products. The school’s innovations such as the resource cell, flipped learning, 360-degree evaluation system have now become the norm in most schools. “In our school, everyone values and respects the work they are doing. Work ambience is congenial and there is immense creative freedom for both faculty and students. Students’ needs are at the core of whatever we do.”
—AVNITA BIR, principal
Highest ratings: Teachers Academic rigour Selection process Board: Class 12 — CBSE Annual fee: R 59,025 to R 1,48,875 (depends on the class) Students: 2,500 boys and girls Student-teacher ratio: 40:1

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